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When and Where we Meet:


Eureka! Treasure Hunters Club, Inc., unless members are otherwise notified, meets monthly on the second Friday of each month at the Clements Community Center,1580 Yarrow Street, Lakewood, CO.‎  Meetings start at 7:30 p.m.

The business part of the meeting includes minutes of the previous meeting, treasurer's report, old business, new business, and introduction of new members and guests.


A program is usually offered each month and could include a speaker, a demonstration, or another presentation of interest to the members. During the break between the business portion of the meeting and the monthly presentation, members have the opportunity to vote for the Finds of the Month, display and talk about their finds, socialize, partake in refreshments, and participate in the regular monthly drawings and membership drawing.


After the presentation, prizes are awarded for the Finds of the Month and the regular monthly drawings and "Membership Attendance Drawing" are held.




Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend in the future as a member. A guest may attend two club general meetings before deciding to join the club. To participate in club activities, the guest must then pay the membership fees required.


Monthly Drawings:


At each meeting there is an opportunity to participate in several drawings. Money generated by these drawings is used to support the club, improve the number and quality of member activities, and to benefit the community. The "Membership Attendance Drawing" is only open to members in good standing who are present at the time of the drawing. All other drawings are open to both members and guests.


In the past, funds raised in drawings have been donated to numverous organizations such as "The Children's Crusade," "The Glendale Communiter Center Family Organizations," The American Red Cross," and the "A.L.I.E. Foundation."

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